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A Simple 5 Step Process for Problem Solving

Being a Problem Solver in the workplace is crucial to finding success in business.Β πŸ›Έ

A simple 5 step process for problem solving:

πŸ“Β Identify the problem.
Make sure you understand the situation and clarify the specific problem.

πŸ“Β Generate ideas.
You must be able to come up with various solutions to a problem. Not all of them will work, but you’re not attempting to figure out which ones will and which will not during this phase.

πŸ“Β Evaluate ideas.
This is where you go through and decide which ideas to pursue and which to discard.

πŸ“ Decide on a solution and try it.
Pick an idea for solving the problem and give it a try.

πŸ“Β Did it work?

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