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Frequently asked questions can help you determine if our provided services meet your requirements.

If you still have questions, feel free to email us or make a reservation for the call.

Frequently asked questions can help you determine if our provided services meet your requirements.

If you still have questions, feel free to email us or make a reservation for the call.

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Are there any contracts to use your service?2022-04-13T09:03:32+03:00

Yes. We have a partnership contract based on your needs.

Can designs be made in languages other than english?2022-04-13T09:19:32+03:00

Yes, our team can create designs in any languages as long as the ad copy is provided in both the English version and additional languages.

Can I make unlimited requests?2022-04-13T09:02:30+03:00

Of course!
Our team members work on different tasks and that means we could even work on multiple tasks at once.
We even motivate our partners to create a backlog of tasks, so that whenever our team has free time we could execute them.

Can we collaborate if our project has a social media or marketing manager?2022-04-13T09:44:49+03:00

Of course, we may offer our expertise and discuss best practices with your team. We want this to be a collaborative endeavor, which includes your current staff.

Can we edit your past projects?2022-04-13T09:18:41+03:00

Yes, we can! Our team can take up a task at any stage but in that case, we would need to have all of the files that the projects include.
We work with the Adobe Creative Cloud package.

Can you make ads for YouTube?2022-04-13T09:40:39+03:00

Yes, of course. We can produce content for any digital platform.

Can you update our current brand?2022-04-13T09:40:00+03:00

Yes, we can assist and guide you with the update, as well as create rebranding for your project or company.

Do I need an ad brief?2022-04-13T09:30:47+03:00

Not necessarily, we have the capacity to generate ideas on our own. However, remember that providing text and unifying ideas will provide the creatives with better outputs and will more than fulfill your expectations.

Do I need to sign any contracts to use your service?2022-04-13T09:04:25+03:00

Yes, we do sign a service-agreement contract.

Do you have any packages that could give us creative ideas every week?2022-04-13T09:20:25+03:00

Our performance team is focused on the execution process and delivery.
However, our teammates on the creative team will certainly help you!

Do you provide creatives with this plan?2022-04-13T09:51:24+03:00

Yes, but because the creative team focuses on storytelling and brand recognition, some creatives may require additional time to deliver.

How can we measure work results?2022-04-13T09:43:27+03:00

We’ll look at a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), which is basically a metric – a number you track and measure that helps you solve an issue or provides you with the information you need to achieve the results you want. It’s one of our most effective tools for keeping your team on track, focused, and accountable.

How do I explain the best design brief?2022-04-13T09:37:03+03:00

The most effective design briefs are simple, to-the-point, and well-organized. To do our best work, we’ll need a few crucial specifics like an ad copy and any unique assets.

This will allow us to move your concept forward, and any further information will aid in the execution of a specific idea.

How much does a creative cost?2022-04-13T09:15:12+03:00

The cost of ads depends entirely on the complexity of the brief.
Some ideas are easy to produce, others might be more difficult.
However, our project manager will evaluate all tasks and help you comprehend prices before starting the creative process.

Is it possible to complete tasks extra fast?2022-04-13T09:15:34+03:00

Yes. We can help you out if you have an urgent task whose deadline was yesterday, but that would include exceptional terms.

Is it truly necessary for me to get a new website?2022-04-13T09:45:49+03:00

No, hopefully not. We’ll look at it after we’ve completed our work analysis. A few modest adjustments may be all you need to reach your objectives.

What about sizes? Is each size a new project?2022-04-13T09:19:58+03:00

Any and all sizes can be made right inside the original project. You can specify the sizes you need at the start of the design, or once it is complete.

What are your hours of operation?2022-05-05T10:37:19+03:00

Our team currently works in Central European Summer Time. Our hours of operation are from 7 AM to 4 PM CEST, Monday through Friday. We are closed on the weekends. If you have any questions during off-hours, you can email us at info@opoto.eu, and we will get back to you ASAP.

What are your turnaround times like?2022-04-13T08:58:42+03:00

Turnaround times vary on specific tasks and projects.
Performance creatives can take 1 – 7 days, depending on the chosen style.
Creative projects might be delivered in 1 to 4 weeks.
Long-term solution delivery times might vary depending on the problem we are solving.

What are your turnaround times?2022-04-13T09:14:24+03:00

Our goal is to deliver everything as quickly as possible, larger time-intensive projects may take more than one week to complete. We’ll set realistic expectations for you as the requests come in. However, we aim to devote up to 5 business days to each brief you provide before delivering creatives to plan time most efficiently. Each task will be assessed and an appropriate brief completion time will be provided.

What if I am not happy with the result?2022-04-13T09:29:23+03:00

We collaborate with the customer. We will seek the client’s approval at each stage of a larger project. As a result, the outcome should not come as a surprise.

What if I need more creatives at once?2022-04-13T09:15:56+03:00

You are allowed to put in as many requests as you want, there is no limit. However, we stay on our schedule accordingly to other provided tasks until the active requests are approved and completed.
Each task can be prioritized if needed.

What if I needed several creative at once?2022-04-13T09:03:06+03:00

You can put as many request as you want. The project manager will make sure you get everything as soon as possible.

What is included in our Performance Service?2022-04-13T09:16:20+03:00

Performance service includes video editing and graphic design works focused on faster delivery and lower creative cost. Video services: montages, postproduction, color correction, subtitles, lower-third animations, animated graphics and etc. Design services: static banners, email designs, image retouching, photo composing etc.

What is the design process for branding?2022-04-13T09:42:12+03:00

Everything from brand conceptualization, naming, and logo design to color and font selection falls under the umbrella of branding. Your brand is the identity of your firm, and it pervades everything you do. That’s why we take the time to learn about your company and industry so that we can design a brand that accurately portrays who you are as a business.

What is your refund policy?2022-04-13T09:12:41+03:00

Our efforts will continue until all of the creatives have met your expectations. We can currently offer a trial month with concrete terms from which we can determine whether or not you wish to continue working with us.

What kind of assets do you need to make e-commerce ads?2022-04-13T09:19:08+03:00

At the bare minimum, we would need as many product photos as you can provide to allow our design team to create as many variations as possible.

What kind of content can you provide?2022-04-13T09:35:54+03:00

We focus on user-generated digital content. However, if you require something not covered by our services, we can assist you in finding the best option for your needs.

What kind of social media platforms do you manage?2022-04-13T09:34:37+03:00

We focus our attention on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

What types of companies and projects do you work with?2022-04-13T09:46:30+03:00

We work with all types of businesses, whether they are large or little, established or new. There’s always room for creativity.

Why do I need branding for my project or business?2022-04-13T09:38:00+03:00

For your brand identity, you’ll require branding. This will assist your customers in distinguishing your brand from those of competing projects.

Why do I need storytelling and social awareness for my brand?2022-04-13T09:33:58+03:00

Social awareness will help customers recognize your brand and trust you, resulting in the growth of your business.

Workflow for


Step 1


Generate an idea, tell us more about it, and let’s get to work.

Step 2


Graphic design experts will visualize the idea and make it shine.

Step 3


Motion graphic experts will bring this idea to life with their skills.

Step 4


Like the animation? Let’s adapt it to other social media platforms.

Step 5


The idea is getting a lot of engagement. Let’s make iterations!

Workflow for


Step 1


What do we want to accomplish? Let’s talk about it!

Step 2


To improve your performance, we shall do market and competitive research.

Step 3


We will take the greatest ideas from the buzz session and use them to accomplish the objective.

Step 4


Drafts transform into finished products here, from a simple logo doodle to an sophisticated animation.

Step 5


If the objective isn’t achieved in full, we’ll adjust the measures, not the course of action.

Workflow for


Step 1


It is not enough to mention a name to make an acquaintance; we are interested in the project’s core.

Step 2


Let’s work together to identify the obstacles that are impeding your company’s growth.

Step 3


Only after analyzing the hazards is a solution to the issue conceivable, thus after evaluating everything, we will propose the best solutions.

Step 4


We will implement the solution by selecting the right people and tools for certain jobs.

Step 5


We’ll keep working until we eliminate the obstacles to development.

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