Creative challenges

Planet “Hansab”

Our client Hansab Lietuva creates technological solutions which help to make companies work more effectively.

While working in a team with our client and using animations we were looking for the best way to present these technological solutions.

Our influence

Work Process

  • We have created concepts for ways to present technological solutions.
  • We have done scriptwriting to present the idea in the short videos.
  • We hired a professional camera operator for the video productions.
  • We found voice actors to match the client’s needs and recorded VO.
  • We handpicked the best scenes and did the postproduction.
  • We enhanced the videos with motion graphics & 3D animation.
  • We also created a logo animation to fit the brand.
  • After the client’s approval, we rendered the final version of the videos.

Creativity expands


Hansab is always working on new ideas and innovations, so one of our main goals was to show them off to as many people as possible. To achieve this goal, we combined video, montage, and motion graphics.

We also took care of an animated video – a Christmas greeting – from conception to completion, based on the content given by the customer, and delivered visualization, animation, and 3D solutions.

On our list of projects, we made an animation of the Hansab 30th-anniversary logo, an animated invitation to the “Hansab: Recharge” event, and visual solutions that were shown on the big screens at the event.

The added motion graphics and animation highlight how the technology helps their customers with day-to-day tasks. We chose to combine the original videos with the animations since people learn faster and recall more vividly when they see a video with more visual components.

The video post-production was done in compliance with the Hansab brand specifications.

*We have not published all of the specifics; if you require our services, please text us.

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Performing digital marketing content. Creativity focused on fast results and low costs.

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Unique content for social media feeds. Creative work for brand identity. Ideas become innovations.