Creative challenges

NordClinic project

Our client Hansab Lietuva creates technological processes which help to make companies work more effectively.

While working in a team with our client and using animations we were looking for the best way to present the technological solutions, that Hansab created for NordClinic, UAB: to improve communication with each other – earphones, to share information – LCD screens.

Creativity expands

The Process

We have produced a short video that let Hansab present their solutions created for NordClinic. The additional motion graphics and animation emphasize how the technology assists their clients with day-to-day chores.

We chose to combine the video with the animations we created because when a person watches a video with extra graphic components, the information is presented more vividly and as a result digested more quickly.

The video post-production was created in accordance with the Hansab brand requirements.

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